CITB Training

KeyOstas offer a number of Health and Safety Training courses and training support services from a range of venues, with dedicated training centres in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Central Birmingham. Our Construction Industry Training Board "CITB" courses provide outstanding training to a variety of construction industry specialists, and each of our programmes has been proven to deliver the skills, knowledge and practical experience that project managers, site supervisors, site managers, business proprietors and client-based personnel need to successfully fulfill their roles to the highest standard of safety and service for their clients or employers

Like KeyOstas, CITB has been supporting the construction industry for many years, since 1964 to be exact, and the range of accredited courses that we offer in partnership with the CITB has helped delegates ensure better health and safety across a multitude of sites whilst improving conditions for fellow construction employees

KeyOstas facilitates a range of CITB courses, including; Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Refresher, Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) and CITB Health & Safety Awareness course. To discover more about our CITB courses, or for further information about a range of KeyOstas occupational safety training courses, as well as our venues or Advisory Services, please contact a member of our team today

Choose from the following CITB Courses:

Health and Safety Awareness

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This course is for those who have entered, or are about to enter, the construction and civil engineering industry as a member of the workforce, to help them understand the potential hazards that they face at work on site.

Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

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This is a five-day course which provides project managers, site managers and supervisors, business proprietors and client-based personnel with the knowledge and skills to enable them to ensure healthy and safe conditions for construction site employees.

Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher

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This two-day course aims to refresh your understanding of your key responsibilities and accountability for site safety, health, welfare and the environment, enabling you to provide healthy and safe working conditions for everyone on site.