Here at KeyOstas, we understand that not everyone can enrol on and complete a course on a full time basis, that’s why we offer a variety of learning avenues for you or your workers to choose from. Our eLearning courses are a flexible, affordable and valuable option for those looking to enrich their skills, improve their level of experience and study at a time to suit them.

There are many benefits associated with introducing eLearning to your employees. In comparison with traditional classroom learning, eLearning is delivered faster, offers better value for money, provides a more effective way of learning and has lower environmental impact. Thanks to assistance from our team you can harness these advantages for yourself and give your staff the opportunities they need to develop.

Our eLearning courses have been developed specifically for occupational safety professionals, and have provided proven results for clients not just in the UK but the rest of the world. Priced from just £6.00 per session, our eLearning resources offer a flexible, practical and convenient approach to occupational health and safety training and development, with many of our eLearning courses delivered in partnership with accredited health and safety bodies.

Choose from the following eLearning courses:


We are proud to offer an extensive range of eLearning courses from just £6.00 per session. Find out more information online or contact us to speak to a member of the team.