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Please speak to a member of our course scheduling team on 01926 813356 for more details and for advice on our training programme and how we can help you to find the most appropriate course. Our course advisers are based at our Warwickshire training centre, working alongside the training team, and have extensive knowledge and experience of all of the training programmes offered by KeyOstas

Upcoming KeyOstas courses

IEMA Environmental

IEMA Environmental KeyOstas IEMA Environmental courses provide delegates with the tools and the knowledge they need to improve sustainability and environmental management throughout their organisation IEMA is a recognised authority for Environmental Management and the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. IEMA was incorporated in 1998 and is a not for profit organisation limited by guarantee.  This means that all profits are re-invested into the company with the objective of increasing member value Our external relationships, mission and objectives are governed by our Memorandum of Association; whilst our internal operations are governed by our Articles of Association.

IEMA and KeyOstas are committed to supporting, encouraging and improving the confidence and performance, profile and recognition of all environmental professionals. This is done by providing resources and tools, research and knowledge sharing along with high-quality formal training and qualifications to meet the real world needs of members from their first steps on the career ladder to the top

KeyOstas believe that working together with IEMA perceptions and attitudes can be changed about the relevance and importance of sustainability as a progressive force for good

If you are working in an environment or sustainability role or you are looking to enter the profession, our IEMA accredited courses set the standard for professional development. Upskilling your staff is vital to driving competitiveness, productivity, resilience and growth in your organisation. Our range of courses will equip your staff with the right knowledge and skills to achieve your environment and sustainability goals Book your place on an upcoming course today

Forklift Truck Training

Forklift Truck Training KeyOstas provides the leading Forklift Truck Training in the UK. Fork lift trucks are a vital piece of apparatus for many industrial and commercial companies. Integral to the movement of materials and goods, their importance also makes them a health and safety hazard and almost 25% of all workplace transport accidents involve lift trucks. Under The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 employers must ensure that those who use, supervise or manage the use of work equipment, including forklift trucks, have sufficient training. Our Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) forklift truck training courses are run in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Code of Practice (ACOP). The courses offer learning opportunities for workers with varying levels of experience, whether they are coming to us as a novice forklift truck operator or wish to train as a forklift truck instructor or examiner In addition to learning the basic skills required to control this key piece of machinery, our forklift training courses help workers to identify any risks associated with its use and take the necessary precautions to ensure safe operation ITSSAR have been improving training standards since 1991, and their dedicated team writes and monitors standards for a broad range of mechanical handling equipment to guarantee the highest quality of training within the workplace. This accrediting body was created to design, maintain and audit a common set of standards for the basic skills needed to operate workplace transport equipment Book your place on a ITSSAR Training course today, whether you're a novice forklift truck operator or wish to train as a fork lift truck instructor or examiner

Plant and Equipment Training

Plant and Equipment Training KeyOstas Plant and Equipment programmes are designed to ensure that individuals using work equipment have received the required level of training. This applies to operators and any supervising managerial staff. KeyOstas offer practical Plant and Materials Handling courses delivered at your sites and premises. We have courses in operating Cranes, Dump Trucks, Diggers and much more Ensuring the highest standard of training and competence for those operating equipment at work is of the utmost importance, whatever industry sector you operate in. Employers have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that their workers have access to the training they need to operate equipment correctly. And, at all times they should be identifying any risks and taking precautions to keep their fellow workers safe KeyOstas works with leading industry bodies, NEBOSH, IOSH, IEMA, SPA, CCNSG and ITSSAR to provide a vast range of approved training courses. Our plant and equipment training syllabuses are ideal for workers with no previous experience, those with some experience or operators with substantial experience. Our training gives them the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to competently and confidently manage, co-ordinate and work safely with plant equipment and other specialist work apparatus. As with many KeyOstas accredited programmes, our plant and equipment training courses can be delivered in our Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Birmingham centres, or delivered on-site at your own workplace or a nearby venue at any location across the United Kingdom. Our practical trainers specialise in the industrial truck training industry, and we are dedicated to helping you improve your level of training Contact us today to discuss your specific training needs in more detail

In Company Courses

In Company Courses All KeyOstas 'open' courses can be run at your own location, and we also offer a bespoke service where KeyOstas professionals can design and tailor In Company Courses to your exact requirements In addition to delivering occupational safety training courses across a multitude of venues, including are own KeyOstas training facilities in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Birmingham, we also provide a wide portfolio of in company courses for clients looking for a convenient way to study across various subject matters The majority of the courses KeyOstas deliver as part of our high quality service are delivered on site at our client’s workplace, and we have experience providing in company courses to firms based in the UK and around the world. Alongside our scheduled NEBOSH, IOSH, IEMA, SPA, CCNSG and ITSSAR accredited programmes, we provide numerous specialised Health and Safety and Environment Training courses to clients in-house The KeyOstas team has the knowledge and experience to tailor our in company courses to meet your exact requirements; so whether you are looking to improve plant and equipment safety within your organisation or you want your employees to learn more about the wider occupational health and safety picture, KeyOstas can meet your needs. Our training solutions can be adapted to your company learning objectives and be built to satisfy your specific business needs As well as providing in company training to a number of industry sectors, our Advisory Services can be called upon to further maximise training effectiveness Call to speak to one of our specialist advisers at your convenience. Our team are based in Southam, Warwickshire and know our programmes inside out


e-Learning A wide and growing range of e-Learning courses from KeyOstas are now available online. Contact us for more information and to discuss your Online Learning requirements KeyOstas understand that not everyone can enrol on and complete a full time course, so we offer a wide variety of learning avenues for you or your workers to choose from. Our online courses are a flexible, affordable and valuable option for those looking to enrich their skills, improve their level of experience and study at a time to suit There are many benefits associated with introducing remote learning to your employees. Compared to traditional classroom learning, e-Learning is delivered faster, can offer value for money, provides a more effective way of learning and has lower environmental impact. With assistance from KeyOstas you can harness these advantages for your organisation and give your team the opportunities they need to develop KeyOstas courses have been developed specifically for occupational safety professionals, and have delivered proven results for clients in the UK and around the world. Priced from as little as £6.00 per session, KeyOstas Online Learning resources offer a flexible, practical and convenient approach to occupational health and safety training and development, with many of our courses delivered in partnership with accredited health and safety bodies Our online courses have been specifically selected by our team of trainers, and they are designed to provide learners with the specified level of knowledge for the particular subject chosen. Courses and sessions are of varying durations, depending upon the topic and level

IOSH Courses

IOSH Courses IOSH are a world-leading developer of certificated safety and health training courses. Their training courses provide insights and practical tools allowing individuals and organisations to create safer and healthier working environments. IOSH courses help to reduce absence, improve productivity and other organisational benefits IOSH training courses embed vital knowledge in Health and Safety and Environmental disciplines. The institute is constantly developing innovative programmes for people in all industrial and business sectors and all types of organisations IOSH awareness level courses are quality assured, recognised worldwide. These courses are split into three categories to help you identify your individual needs. The categories are Core Skills, Management Education, Executive Education. We have a fourth category, Professional Development, which includes both CPD courses, and our own general level 3 qualification which enables you to apply for Technical membership at IOSH Core Skills Fundamental training that every person in the workplace needs to be able to operate safely and healthily Management Education Educating managers with responsibility to implement and deliver the business strategy Executive Education Aimed at those responsible for the strategic direction of the business and delivering that strategy through plans and targets Professional Development Providing safety and health professionals with a structured pathway of learning Tailored training courses If you are looking for something specific the tailored training courses we offer have been developed by KeyOstas and accredited by IOSH KeyOstas deliver IOSH training at our centres in the West Midlands and at clients' premises and sites across the United Kingdom Book an online course, in-company or an upcoming course at a KeyOstas venue today KeyOstas are very proud supporters of the IOSH Work 2022 'Shaping the Future of Health and Safety' strategy. Find out more: WORK2022 shaping the future of safety and health spreads Shaping the future spreadsreview

CITB Training

CITB Training CITB is the industry training board for the construction sector in England, Scotland and Wales. Through CITB Training their job is to help the construction industry attract talent and to support skills development, to build a better Britain. CITB are an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Education and are accountable to government ministers, and to Parliament The CITB work with many organisations across government and industry, but their key strategic partners are the Construction Industry Council (CIC and CITB Northern Ireland (CITB NI . Together, these organisations comprise  the Sector Skills Council for Construction (SSCC), also known as Construction Skills. The SSCC represents every part of the construction industry in every part of the UK The CITB Levy is used to support construction employers to make sure the industry has the skilled workforce it needs. The Board offers support to industry through grants and funds. CITB grants cover day to day training and funds cover specific projects and commissions It is dedicated to ensuring the construction workforce has the right skills for now and the future, based around our three strategic priorities:
  • Careers
  • Standards and qualifications
  • Training and development
You may be able to benefit from the CITB Levy through grant supported training and development funding. Call us for more information and to discuss your requirements and eligibility KeyOstas' CITB Courses are recognised as an authority for construction processes in the UK. Our CITB Training courses provide specialist training to a variety of construction industry specialists. Book your CITB course today with KeyOstas

NEBOSH Courses

NEBOSH Courses KeyOstas offer a wide range of NEBOSH courses for Health and Safety and for Environmental Management. KeyOstas training centres are located in the West Midlands with facilities in Warwickshire and Worcestershire. All NEBOSH courses are highly interactive and use classroom learning, practical exercises and delegate assignments. Some private study is required for all NEBOSH training programmes NEBOSH is offered at 2 levels The NEBOSH Certificate level provides essential knowledge for those working in the Health and Safety and Environmental fields. It also benefits those with HSE responsibilities. They provide an excellent foundation for managers, supervisors and people at the start of a career in health and safety NEBOSH Diploma Level The NEBOSH Diploma is the gold standard for Health and Safety and Environmental professionals. The Diploma provides the high level of knowledge required to perform a senior safety or environmental management role. This is the most popular and the most recognised health and safety qualification of its kind. It was first introduced for health and safety professionals in 1980 and over 18,000 learners have completed the various versions since its inception Recognition NEBOSH qualifications are recognised by professional membership bodies including IOSH, the IIRSM and the CIWEM. The Diploma level qualifications are also accepted for entry onto many Health & Safety MSc programmes KeyOstas offer the General Certificate, Fire Certificate, Construction Certificate, International Certificate and the Environmental Certificate KeyOstas offer the Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and the Environmental Diploma These qualifications are globally recognised and are taken by people working in all types of industries, as well as national and local government organisations in the UK and around the world

Short Courses

Short Courses Unlike many of our competitors, KeyOstas' vast experience and long training history ensures that our Short Courses do not under-deliver in terms of the depth of knowledge they impart Since opening in 1984 KeyOstas has delivered outstanding training for thousands of Employees, Managers and Directors. And, we continue to support businesses large and small and across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom KeyOstas has a selection of Occupational Safety Training available in a variety of durations and learning styles designed to suit clients’ specific requirements KeyOstas offer a variety of high quality courses that have been designed and developed to meet specific training needs. Our course collection is substantial and includes the following programmes; Manual Handling Instructors and Assessors Refresher, Manual Handling Instructors and Assessors, DSE Assessors, COSHH Assessors and CDM Workshop As with most of our training programmes, our short training courses can be delivered publicly at our own West Midlands centres.  Alternatively, our courses can be delivered in-house at your own workplace, to suit your training needs KeyOstas Occupational Safety Training solutions are the best available, whilst our professional consultancy services ensure tailor-made advice and assistance is accessible at all times. Delegates participating on any of our courses enjoy superior quality training and service delivered in a professional and personal manner We are renowned for our personal approach to Health and Safety training and our attention to detail. Our trainers and our in-house service team go the extra mile to ensure that your training experience is one to remember View the KeyOstas range of Courses and Refresher Courses for Manual Handling, DSE, COSHH & many more online now

Safety Passport Courses

Safety Passport Courses KeyOstas' industry standard Safety Passport Courses are recognised by the HSE in the UK. Here we work in partnership with the SPA, CCNSG, ECITB & MPQC All KeyOstas Safety Passport courses are delivered in partnership with leading industry and awarding bodies. Working with the Safety Pass Alliance, Client Contractor National Safety Group, Engineering Construction Industry Training Board, and Mineral Products Qualifications Council we are able to help you achieve a good level of Health and Safety knowledge via a range of accredited courses Providing Health and Safety training is vital, regardless of the size or specialism of your organisation. As well as promoting a positive health and safety culture, participation on a KeyOstas safety passport course will enable the people you employ to work safely and reduce risks that could result in injury, illness or fatality. Providing important Health and Safety training via our safety passport courses is a great way to meet your legal duties and, in doing so, you will actively contribute towards making your company a safe and pleasant place to work KeyOstas offer a broad spectrum of passport courses covering a wide range of subject matter and industry specialisms, and our courses have been utilised by professionals throughout the construction, mineral products, food and drink, and petroleum industries in entry level, supervisory and management positions We are committed to providing a nationally recognised standard of Health and Safety assurance. Our courses provide passport holders with a clear understanding of their Health and Safety responsibilities as Employees, Casual Workers or as Contractors Book your place on a KeyOstas course today

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We are NEBOSH, IOSH, CITB and IEMA accredited

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