IOSH Courses

The leading European body that every health and safety professional recognises. Over 160,000 people gain qualifications from IOSH Courses in the UK annually

IOSH is a world-leading developer of certificated safety and health training courses. IOSH training provides insights and practical tools so that individuals and organisations can create safer and healthier working environments. By promoting a safety and health culture in which everyone plays their part, IOSH training helps to reduce sickness absence, improve productivity and bring about other organisational benefits

IOSH are constantly developing innovative programmes for people in all industrial and business sectors and all types of organisations worldwide. IOSH training is delivered by our global network of licensed training providers, such as KeyOstas. Their tailored course approval service supports training partners in developing IOSH-approved safety and health training courses

IOSH training is divided into categories; Core Skills, Management Education, Executive Education and Professional Development, enabling you to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of co-workers at all levels. The Managing Safely and Working Safely courses have been translated into Arabic and Simplified Chinese (although these languages are not currently offered by KeyOstas)

IOSH are passionate about keeping people safe, healthy and happy at work. Occupational safety, health and wellbeing isn’t just about checklists and compliance – it’s about putting the health, safety and wellbeing of people at the heart of an organisation’s culture and strategic direction

Whether you’re a practitioner at the beginning of your career and want to progress further or you’re an established industry professional who now wants the international recognition that IOSH membership provides, we can give you the support and guidance you need to map a successful career pathway