IEMA Environmental

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment is an international membership organisation committed to ensuring global sustainability. As well as offering essential guidance for those in the environment and sustainability profession and devising publications on best practice, regulations and research to keep these professionals informed further through IEMA Environmental courses in collaboration with trusted partners like KeyOstas

With a passion for empowering individuals and making a difference within the workplace, KeyOstas Environmental training courses specifically cater to industry professionals with varying levels of knowledge. And, thanks to our wide range of options, you are certain to find the IEMA course that is right for you and your workers. Delivering vital areas of learning to all those involved in the environmental profession, including those fulfilling public, private or non-governmental sector roles, KeyOstas delivered IEMA Environmental courses give delegates the tools and knowledge necessary to improve sustainability and environmental management throughout their organisation

These courses help address future business needs, and consider the challenges of external environmental threats, adaptation, resilience and cultural change. Undertaking an IEMA course will give those involved in environmental auditing and management additional knowledge and skills to ensure their organisation is working towards a sustainable future

KeyOstas understand the challenges that face environmental professionals in this specific industry sector and our IEMA courses have been designed and developed to offer a refined mix of practical and interactive exercises that address these environmental threats. Our courses also consider the need for organisational adaptation and the culture change that is continually influencing the world that we all inhabit

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