The KeyOstas History

Founded in 1984 by Raymond Gibbs

Raymond Gibbs and Craig Gibbs are the original founders of KeyOstas

Ray Gibbs began delivering training programmes for the EEF in 1976.

Ace Safety Services initially sold safety equipment until the name OSTAS was adopted for the training side of the operation

Ray’s business eventually outgrew its original premises and relocated to Southam’s Industrial Park

The business took advantage of the first tranche of European Union directives. With consequent growth enabling the acquisition of a forklift training business called Training and Safety Services Ltd

OSTAS eventually merged with a Health and Safety training business called The Key Consultancy which brought together two recognised occupational training operations

Raymond Gibbs is active in the business as a Director and shareholder. Meanwhile, Craig delivers training for a number of clients and has the day-to-day reins of the business as Managing Director

KeyOstas Today

The business has been providing health and safety training since 1984. Environmental services were added in 2002

Training centres are located in central England at the heart of the West Midlands motorway network

Almost 80% of KeyOstas training is delivered on-site for clients throughout the UK.  In-company training courses can be tailored for a client and their specific sector

The Mission

Providing a the first point of contact for UK training and consultancy needs by embedding superior quality and performance within all products and services

Choose KeyOstas

For a personal approach to training and attention to client needs

Going the extra mile to make training experiences an occasion to remember

Our Clients
KeyOstas provides a wide range of training services to these clients and many more throughout the United Kingdom and beyond