CCNSG Contractor Safety Passport – Basic (ECITB)

The CCNSG Contractor Safety Passport course aims to provide basic information and areas of responsibility for health, safety and environment:

  • to understand the implications of hazard recognition/risk assessment and the effects on individuals and the employer
  • to demonstrate how individual behaviour can help reduce accidents

The CCNSG National Safety Group course as a whole is an “awareness” module, none of the sections are exhaustive of information and legislation

Some delegates may have additional material to share on subjects, especially if they are trained and qualified on the subject

After completion of this course delegates are not trained and competent to complete all of the work tasks covered. All work tasks will vary on the environment at the time, as well as other factors

The following sessions are split over 2 days:

  • Safe behaviour at work. An understanding of safe behaviour at work and its importance.
  • Safe systems at work. An understanding of a safe place of work, and the regulations which govern this and the specific work tasks they cover, such as Manual Handling or Confined space entry.
  • A safe place of work. An awareness of safe systems, designed to make our everyday work safer, such as risk assessment and permit to work.
  • Safety problems and safe solutions. An understanding of safety problems and safe solutions and their role in this, including RIDDOR reporting and the accident book

At the end of the course each delegate should be able to:

  • Realise the importance of the Safety Passport itself, as well as the importance of the engineering construction industry as a whole
  • Have an awareness of health and safety at work as well as what their employer and they must do to abide with governing laws

Supervisors are required to attend a third day, which provides an overview of the two days and extends techniques of health and safety into instructional techniques

A one day refresher course is due after 3 years to renew the passport.
The 3 month grace period allowed after the expiry date of a CCNSG card came to an end on 1st April 2022. Therefore from the 1st April 2022 delegates are required to attend a Renewal Course or take the online renewal test BEFORE their safety passport expires

Two day basic course

Price: £165.00

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