SPA Petrol Passport

This SPA Petrol Passport course provides basic information and areas of responsibility for health, safety and environment. An understanding of the implications of hazard recognition/risk assessment and the effects on individuals and the employer. Demonstrates how individual behaviour can help reduce accidents. Build upon the basic health and safety information of Core Day programme by concentrating on risks specifically found with working on a Petrol Forecourts. Allows delegates to recognise hazards, utilise control measures and safe working practices and maintain a safe working environment

SPA Petrol Passport delegates will understand the implications of hazard recognition/risk assessment and effects on individuals and the employer.

On completion of the course delegates will have the knowledge to:

Demonstrate their understanding of the subjects by successfully completing each module assessment paper
Appreciate how they personally can influence good standards within health, safety & the environment
Understand the value of risk assessment and have the knowledge to recognise when change to a generic assessment is required
Understand the common hazards associated with work.
After the successful completion of the course a passport will be issued with a three year expiry date

Core Day

6 Modules which include Health & Safety law and responsibilities Risk assessments Safe place of work, safe behaviours Common hazards including fire, asbestos, confined spaces and display screen equipment Power and hand tools, electricity Health issues including manual handling, noise, hazardous substances and stress First aid, road safety, reporting of accidents and incidents Environmental considerations

Petrol Retail Day

4 Modules which include Hazards on a forecourt, fuel hazards, vapour recovery, fuel delivery, contractor control Restricted areas, zone classifications, documentation, and permits to work Setting up a safe place of work, confined spaces, excavations, hot working Work at height, tower scaffolds, mobile elevated work platforms, ladders Electricity hazards and controls Environmental considerations and protection Case study – syndicate exercise for delegates to consider control measures to reduce risks, and select appropriate documentation to present to the site operator.

Successfully completing all assessment papers will result in a safety passport being issued. The passport is valid for 3 years and can be refreshed by attending a one day course anytime during the 6 months before the expiry date

Prices exclude passport fee and VAT

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Petrol Passport

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